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50..... No Wait..... Make That 49 Shades Of Grey.....

Hi guys,
I've been working through the winter on a new rug ( 49 shades of grey)
which I'll be unveiling shortly..
Sorry for non presence of late but we've been working through a few hiccups with websites, children, bereavements etc..
On the ball now guys so don't delay
book your rag rug workshop today.
A great gift for Mums and Daughters, Grandmas and Grandaughters and sisters alike..


1st BLOG

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for stopping by.
I have at last entered the domain of the grown -up's and will be attempting my very own website and weekly blog.
Pretty impressive for someone who has only just mastered e-mail!
Between the rantings of a middle aged woman and her teenage daughter, I'll try my best to be as entertaining as possible and hopefully some of you will find it in your hearts to respond.
Sending love and wonderful vibes.....
Sam and Olivia x
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50..... No Wait..... Make That 49 Shades Of Grey.....
1st BLOG


1st Blog
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